About Steep Hill

Welcome to Steep Hill, Saskatoon's non-profit bulk food store run by paid member-managers with about 10% of the membership helping with the shelving, packaging and cleaning. Our philosophy is to provide high quality local, organic, and natural food at fair prices.

As Steep Hill members, we have the opportunity to be involved in the operation of our store. Together, we are able to control the quality, sources and prices of the food we eat.

Steep Hill Food Co-op provides an alternate way of shopping in the Saskatoon community.

History of Steep Hill Food Co-op

A few dedicated and forward-thinking people are responsible for our wonderful store as we know it today. Steep Hill had a bit of a rocky start as its finances were a bit shaky for a few years. A story goes that a member had to put some money in the coffers by the end of a business day as creditors were storming the gates.

Steep Hill opened 5 October 1978. Its objectives were:

  1. to purchase, procure, sell, exchange, hire and deal in goods, wares, merchandise and services for its members on a co-operative basis,
  2. to work toward providing high quality food and information about nutritious foods,
  3. to encourage the development of an ecological lifestyle using appropriate technology and the local production of food,
  4. to work to develop and maintain a co-operative spirit in the community.

Volunteers were the workers. Resource people co-ordinated the various collectives: ordering, finances, sources, receiving, renovating, memberships, operations, communications and newsletter being the main ones. Eventually employees were added. A board was responsible for decisions for running the store and establishing store policy.

All in all, Steep Hill has fulfilled its mandate and will continue to do so for many years.

What's so special about our food?

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the nature of the food they eat. Quality has been sacrificed for quantity by our food industry. Medical evidence has linked many major health problems to over-processed, nutrient-poor food.

Whenever possible, Steep Hill suppliers are LOCAL producers who offer the best available product. Organic foods (those grown or processed naturally without the use of chemical additives) are given preference over non-organically produced foods.

We at Steep Hill feel GOOD about what we eat!

Why a Co-op?

As a co-operative, our products represent what our members want: quality, not profit, is our motive. We as Steep Hill members have the opportunity to be involved with the everyday operation of our store through a monthly work commitment.

Shopping at Steep Hill is a friendly experience, without the pressures and stresses of supermarket shopping. Meeting your neighbours, getting to know people with similar concerns are added attractions at Steep Hill Co-op. Nobody profits except the members.

What are our prices like?

Prices at Steep Hill are not designed for profit - they reflect only what is necessary to cover our costs.

Steep Hill's large selection of foods that are relatively unprocessed makes it easy to eat healthfully and economically.

Steep Hill does not sell or supply grocery bags

Please bring your own grocery bags with you when you come to shop - tuck a couple in your purse, knapsack, pocket, car, jacket - so you always have some.

We do not sell or supply grocery bags. We may have some boxes available but can not always guarantee their availability.

We accept donations of extra cloth bags that you no longer need.